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70% Enduro
30% Trail


29" | 150mm / 140mm

True all mountain enduro bike

EVOLINK 140 EN is designed for Enduro races and give you total freedom in any MTB trail. The 29" gives the advantage to push through rock gardens like a downhill bike. This bike is amazing for those who like to go fast but want only one bike to do everything in the trails. This bike is the designer Leo Kokkonen's favourite from the EVOLINK series. Leo uses this bike to attack trails, uphill, downhill and the enduro races.



Axle to crown561/571mm
BB standard73mm (SRAM GXP or SHIMANO Hollowtech compatible)
Bottle mountsTwo (top and bottom of downtube)
Brake mountI.S. Standard
Fork offset51mm
FrameHeat treated 7005 Aluminium alloy
Frame weight~4.20kg
Maximum rider weight120kg
Rear hub standard142 x 12 / 148 x 12 (BOOST)
Shock size200mm x 57mm
Seat post30.9mm (clamp 34.9mm)
Signature ColorPolar Blue
Travel front150-160mm
Travel rear140mm
Wheels29 inch


Frame sizeXS
180cm ->
Head angle64.5°
Axle to Crown561-571
Reach (Effective)561591621651
BB height−20
Seat tube angle75.5°
Seat tube angle (effective)77.5°
Chainstay lenght (effective)456
Seat tube lenght420440460480
Head tube135

The sizing goes by 10cm increments of the bikers height. If you are in between the sizes, you should pick the smaller frame.

New in 2017


The swingarm

The 2016 EVOLINK 140 and 150 had a small difference on the swingarm. It was the gusset between the chainstay and seatstay. The 140 was designed to be as an all mountain / trail bike but later we noticed that the 140 is much more capable than we originally thought. We decided to rethink the swingarm structure and we found out ways to make it lighter and stiffer. Then we decided to add weight back as a form of the gusset that was on 150. The gusset itself makes the swingarm much stiffer than the previous version. The new swingarm is same weight as the one we had on 140 in 2016 but it’s just stiffer.


Boost brothers

The BOOST rear hub standard has been around for a while and we are convinced about it. Also, we know that people still have 142 wheels. We designed a clever system which allows the user choose which standard he wants to use. The adapters for each standard are designed so that there is no compromise on stiffness and there is not a complicated bolt on systems that eventually come loose or even drop off. The system has a new hanger which works as an adapter as well. On the non-drive side there is a press fir adapter and for the 142 two 3mm washers for the I.S. mount.


The tune of the shock

On 2016 we used a low compression / medium rebound tune on Rock Shox Monarch. This year we are using L/H tune. The reason on this is that we found out that heavier and faster riders need more air pressure on the shocks. Monarch is a single tube shock and there is no way to externally change the high speed rebound. The rebound knob only effects to the low speed rebound. The shock can be placed other way round so the stanchion tube is covered from the dirt.


The signature color of the Evolink 140 is the Polar Blue but we have a limited stock of these special colors. The availability can be checked from the product’s purchasing page.





Founder of Pole Bicycles, Leo Kokkonen got fed up with airline hassle, bike racks and people complaining that they don’t have space in their apartments to store bikes. EVOLINK can be folded by just taking off the front wheel and one bolt in the swingarm. The Patent pending linkage allows you to turn the swingarm over the front triangle. 

When the rear wheel is removed and handlebar taken out you can fit the bike to oversized standard luggage so you don’t have to pay extra for bike when traveling. Many bikes get stolen from bike racks but when you put the bike to the trunk of your car the bike theft needs to learn new tricks to get to your bike.


Two bottle mounts

EVOLINKs are equipped with two mounting points for bottle cages. Optionally you can use the other cage for tool container.

Optimal instant centre (IC)

EVOLINK’s suspension is designed to work under pedaling load. It means that the bike doesn’t kick your feet while riding the trails. The suspension feels stiff while still active when pedaling.

Virtual Leverage Ratio

Virtual leverage ratio is designed to work also with air shocks. Air shock’s end stroke is naturally progressive. The leverage ratio “hook” is made to squeeze the last millimeters from the shock’s potential. Progressive suspension takes off the small bumps and gives the support when you huck to flat.


Design and Innovation Award 2017


“‘Point and shoot’ is one way to describe the super long Pole EVOLINK 140 EN, which rolls satisfyingly quickly in a straight line. Championing the latest thinking in geometry design, the EVOLINK 140 EN sports a mega long frame, relatively long chainstays, a very steep seat angle and a slack head angle. These add up to one of the most balanced handling packages around, while giving the rider tons of room to throw themselves around on the bike. The rear end design breaks new ground by using a concisely calibrated spring rate to deliver the optimal performance. The Pole simplifies the act of riding over burly ground: firstly by dishing out stability and confidence to less advanced riders; and secondly by giving ambitious riders a tool to unlock faster speeds. Essentially an outstanding bike that throws up questions about geometry standards – the Pole is a bike that everyone should ride!”

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