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Leo Kokkonen

Designer with strong vision

Leo is a biker. He’s the designer of the Pole EVOLINK™ and the Polelink™. He’s the photographer, videographer and the editor. He’s the industrial designer, graphic designer and the website designer. He has the answers to everything you need to know about the Pole Bicycles.

Patric Wladimirov

Man behind the numbers

Patric is the logistics professional. He keeps the pole service simple and smooth. Patric’s dream is to create a company where he’s able to provide enjoyable “surf shop” kind of feeling to the customers.

Antti Lampen

Birth Date: 14.03.1992 Nationality: Finnish Club: Hyvinkään Pyöräilijät Bike: Pole Vaara prototype Class: DH UCI Men Elite

  • 2015 Finnish national championships 2nd
  • 2013 IXS- German cup Winterberg 13th
  • 2012 iXS- Swiss cup Anzere 6th
  • 2012 Finnish national series 2nd
  • 2012 iXS- Swiss cup Morgins 9th
  • 2012 iXS- German cup Winterberg 12th
  • 2008 Finnish national champion
  • 2006 Finnish national champion

Kaisa Härkönen

Kaisa has raced MTB-Enduro twelve years and in winter she does cross country skiing and freeride snowboarding. Kaisa is an outdoor person to the core and sheand she has a degree in sports and leisure management. Kaisa runs also MTB lessons for hobbyists and future outdoor guides.

Jussi "Ralle" Rajala

Ralle is a mountain biker to the core. He has crashed and burned for a thousand times but he still keeps going. Ralle has been riding downhill over ten years and is a local power player in Finland.

Riku Laakso

Carpenter, handyman, downhill biker and motorcyclist. Multi-talented Riku loves fast life and rock ’n’ roll and it is rumoured that he has not cut his hair in 5 years. And yes, he is a pretty good skier too. Riku is a rider in Nipwitz team Nipwitz – Brain Massage TEASER from Flatlight Creative House on Vimeo.

Michael Saunders

Michael Saunders founded SwitchbacksDH 14 years ago. SwitchbacksDH is offering winter lift-assisted downhill/enduro mountain biking close to Malaga in Southern Spain. Michael is a very outgoing person and determined mountain biker.

Aki Kosunen

Aki is 28years old Cross Country rider who rides in Medilaser MTB Team in XC Marathon Men Elite. He’s passion is in mountain bikes and he works as an engineer. Aki is a young talent to Pole’s Ambassadors as an athlete and a test rider.

Aadne Olsrud

Aadne lives besides his mountain in northern Norway. In winter he’s premises fills with freeride skiers around the world to enjoy the beautiful nature of his backyards. Aadne is an outdoor man to the core he’s been riding snowboards. At summer his backyard turns in to a green paradise with streams and a twig carpet that you can ride everywhere.

MAKIA GOES ULTIMA THULE – Aadne Olsrud from Makiaclothing on Vimeo.

Antti Rissanen

Antti is the first man who performed Cashroll and Double Flair tricks on a mountainbike. He’s always looking for a new tricks on MTB. Antti is from Eastern part of Finland called Savo.

Eero Honkala

Eero is a fatbike enthusiast who likes to spend his time riding trails. His background is in Enduro but larger wheels became his thing after he discovered the potential to ride all year long. Eero is a friendly guy who spends his time with people and in forums (Alias Kemizti)

Adam Price

Adam has raced MTB for over twelve years and has a degree in Product Design. Adam recently moved to Canada. He now lives and rides in the iconic Sea 2 Sky corridor on the West Coast of British Columbia. Where he tests his POLE Evolink 140 to the limit on some of the best trails in the world from his doorstep. He dominates mid pack at Enduro races in the region!

Thomas Mitchell

An Enduro racer, sponsored athlete, law student, product tester and passionate lover of two wheels. Everything I do in life revolves around bikes in one way or another. Being a mountain biker is what defines me, it’s my passion, my hobby, my sport and my solace. I’ve been mountain biking since I was a kid and have never found anything that replicated the feeling of freedom you get on a bike. Thomas is based in the south border of Scotland.

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