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How to turn a long bike through a tight corner

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The 911 track in Malaga is very versatile trail to gain your basic riding skills. It contains rough technical terrain, high speed sections and very tight switchbacks.

Usually people say that a long bike can’t turn in tight corners but in matter of fact long bikes are better in hard trails. Long and stable bike certainly have advantages with a long wheel-base you have more space to balance yourself between the axles. When you have better balance it is easier to turn the switchbacks. Everybody can learn to ride these tight turns esasier with long bike and later ride them fast.


How to ride long Poles. The bike.

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Pole philosophy in bicycle design is to make riding easier. When the bike is stable, you can ride faster more safely. In other words, longer bike is safer to ride and safe gives you more time to think what’s coming up. Pole bikes are more stable because they have more wheelbase and the standing posture has more platform. The standing platform is based on the reach figure. By adding length under the rider we are stabilizing the rider’s weight distribution on front and back wheels when riding in unstable surfaces. Here are some basic tips how to make your rides more fun.

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