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Why aren’t we going for carbon frames

by in Leo's tech blog, News

Today we shocked the MTB world by saying that the whole carbon process is unethical.

Last year here at Pole Bicycles, we announced that we would go carbon just like the rest of the mountain biking industry. So, after 2 hard years of developing our frame sets with two researches and one master’s degree in engineering, we were 90% ready and all that was left was to find a suitable factory in China where the production would take place… It turned out to be a heavy hit and a shock to us at Pole when we flew into China and discovered the inner workings of carbon frame production.

Before you read this article you should first understand what many people misunderstood:

  1. We are not going to save the world.
  2. We do not want to create more jobs.
  3. The world has bigger problems than carbon frames.

What we want to say is:

  1. We want to move forward in the world to a better future
  2. We think that working in certain factories, is not for humans
  3. Everything you do has an effect on the world. We want to minimize the negative effect.

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Taiga with massive 2XL 5.05

by in Bike Checks, News

Why we use the fattest tires that are available on our Taiga fatbike? Well first things first Taiga fits the widest tires on the market. So why not use them? The Vee Tire Snow Shoe 2XL 5.05″ is designed for snowy conditions. It honestly is, the traction and feeling while cornering on snow is unreal compared to any other tires.

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Evolink 110, 11,75kg

by in Bike Checks, News

Pole Evolinks are famous for their new school geometry. We make long, slack and balanced mountain bikes, which aren’t always the lightest to begin with. Evolink 110 is designed to be a XC or a Trail bike, this particular set up is bit cut Evolink 110 XC, in size medium. Of course you can always pinch bit more off from the weight.   Read more »

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