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Onni Rainio, the fastest kid on the hill.

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Onni Rainio is Pole Bikes youngest ambassador. He is only 15 years old but he has won both the Finnish championship in downhill and enduro. This year he was totally unbeaten when it came to enduro races and won the juniors series with full
points. Onni races the Evolink 150 27,5″ for enduro and in DH he flies on his Evolink 176. When you first meet Onni you see a skinny kid who doesn’t make a lot of noise, but put him on a bike and all that changes. Onni has a style of riding that most kids his age don’t have, he has the ability to make his bike flow like silk down a hill. Onni’s exciting, explosive and effortless style of riding make him such a joy to watch riding. Read more »


Taiga with massive 2XL 5.05

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Why we use the fattest tires that are available on our Taiga fatbike? Well first things first Taiga fits the widest tires on the market. So why not use them? The Vee Tire Snow Shoe 2XL 5.05″ is designed for snowy conditions. It honestly is, the traction and feeling while cornering on snow is unreal compared to any other tires.

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Timo Kananoja3

Elise Kulmala the mother of MTB pussies

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Coverphoto: Timo Kananoja

She is a wholehearted downhill rider, she has been for 6 years now. This is the first season so far that she has survived without bigger crashes. That is the main reason why she wants to help girls to start mountain biking safely with the right guidance and good equipment. Read more »


Evolink 110, 11,75kg

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Pole Evolinks are famous for their new school geometry. We make long, slack and balanced mountain bikes, which aren’t always the lightest to begin with. Evolink 110 is designed to be a XC or a Trail bike, this particular set up is bit cut Evolink 110 XC, in size medium. Of course you can always pinch bit more off from the weight.   Read more »

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