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Sportax Enduro Series SM2, Himos DAY 2

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The morning of the race day was rainy but warm, very humid. We were expecting some rain and thunder and we surely got it too. The competition started at 10 am and it ended roughly at 4.30 pm, a complete day of mud, rain and best enduro riders of Finland.


The race itself was demanding, no lift assistance, 6 different tracks, most of them ridden twice with relatively long transition distances. And mud.





Näyttökuva 2017-06-18 kello 21.21.45Strava statistics of Leo.

After the first stage Leo and Juhani were both in the top 10. From the second until the fifth stage Juhani was leading the competition. On the 6th and 7th stage Juhani lost the leading spot but he managed to catch up and was again leading on 8th and 9th stages. 10th and 11th stages got the best of Juhani and he ended up on the second place with 23:54, +00:09 to the winner. Leo finnished the race as 8th with 24:26.


Everybody was full of energy still on the mid section of the third stage, hopes were up and everybody were riding for the win. On the sixth stage, the one before the maintenance break, as the photographer I saw the frustration to grow while cyclists were losing traction and everybody were already quite tired.


Leo after the race, still smiling (and it’s not a piercing)





The second half started with heavy rain and the sections that crossed the skiing slopes became extremely slippery. Pole riders kept their heads together and took quadruple victory.



Onni won junior series with amazing time of 13:53. Juniors rode all the six stages but only once. Onni would place in top 15 in men’s division with the result from the first six stages. Onni was leading the competition through out.



Kaisa won women’s division clearly with the time 29:50, making huge +01:59 clearance to the second one. She preferred to eat than change clothes before the podium, everybody should.


Teemu won men’s 40+ serie with his courageous and coolheaded ride. He finnished the race with 26:24 and the second one +00:28 after him.



Juhani on the second place with 23:57 still making quite nice gap to the third one, +00:23.



Onni Rainio, a pole rider in juniors division. His choice for enduro is Evolink 150.


What a great weekend in conclusion. Big feelings: success, laughter, tears, Finland’s moody weather and amazing atmosphere. See you in Levi!


All pictures from the weekend is found from here: 

Feel free to use with the Pole logo.


Sportax Enduro Series, SM2 Himos DAY 1

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Sun is shining, the weather is not too hot and lots of smiling MTB people are gathering to Himos and starting the practice day of the Sportax Enduro Series second round. The whole place is full of Evolinks, the tribe is here. We brought few bicycles with us for test rides. For sure they got attention and many Pole owners came to our tent just to have a chat, maybe spec the suspension bit. Family is always welcome.





Juhani is thinking how to tackle rocky and technical track.


Juhani thought the trails are in good shape and builded up nicely. He said the first trail gets tougher towards the end and 4th trail got speed, it is interesting even though it’s quite short.


Kaisa liked the third trail “It starts with a good rhythm and the mid section technical outcrop gives a good twist to it.”



Leo said it is so different ride back in Finland after the intensive enduro week in Scotland. He liked the most the second trail after the practice day.

Now team Pole are just about to start the race, it is rainy day so extra challenge is given by the nature. Heads up!


Only one flat tyre, thanks to Huck Norris!

All pictures from the weekend is found from here: 

Feel free to use with the Pole logo.


Levi EWS is supported by Pole Bicycles

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We invite you to the amazing midnight sun race in Finland! The promised land of the midnight sun and thousands of lakes invites you to join the enduro race closest to the North Pole. Levi Enduro 2017 is held in the wilderness of Finnish Lapland on 27.-29.7 and it is supported by Pole Bicycles. This is the third round of the Finnish Enduro Championship Series and the event is included in the EWS Qualifier calendar.  

Every aspect of a good enduro race event can be found from Lapland. Natural terrain, hiking trails, grassy ski slopes, and sections from the Levi bike park, best riders of Finland, great atmosphere and epic after party (including crazy Finns running butts naked to the freezing cold river). 

The Pole team wants to support this event because we share the same values and philosophy. We want show our lifestyle to the rest of the world and praise it together. Levi is 700km away from our home office but every year we will find our way there to race in the best landscapes of the world, come and find out.



The race is easy to access even from abroad, Kittilä airport is only 14km from the venue.

If you are brave enough, you may join MTB-Enduro Finland FB-group and ask if you can share the journey to Levi from Helsinki (The international airport in Finland) with some local racers! Will give you a wonderful insight to Finnish enduro scene with the local people. FB: MTB-Enduro Finland




Thomas Mitchell, the new ambassador of Pole Bicycles

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We have signed new blood into our ambassador team. May we present Thomas Mitchell from Scotland to you!

Leo is going to meet him this week in Scotland and hopefully we will get dope material from these two.

We made a small interview with Thomas, he surely is an interesting add into our line up!


How old are you?

I am 23 years old


Where do you live?

I live in a small town called Innerleithen in the Tweed Valley, Scotland


What do you do besides cycling? 

I am a lawyer and work in a specialist law firm which represents cyclists who have been injured in road traffic collisions called Cycle Law Scotland. I always wanted to be a lawyer and being able to combine my love of cycling with a career as a lawyer is a dream come true.

I also like skiing in the winter

I have two black Labradors who I enjoy hanging out with and going on walks. They are also good trail dogs and are the best training partners.

I also enjoy discovering new places and going on adventures with my girlfriend.



How did you started mountain biking and in what age? 

My parents were into mountain biking in the 90’s and I was strapped to a child seat on the back of my dad’s bike most weekends. I got my first mountain bike aged 5

My love of mountain biking just developed from there, I loved the feeling of freedom and independence mountain biking gave me.

I didn’t start racing until 2014 after trying my first race in the winter of 2013. I did pretty well in my first year of racing and decided I wanted to try and pursue racing more seriously but I also wanted to go to University to study Law so I have been juggling both ever since!


What is your favourite trail and why?

That is a hard one as there are so many good trails where I live and throughout Scotland. I’d probably have to say ‘Repeat Offender’ which is a well-known trail at the ‘Golfie’ in Innerleithen. It was built by a good friend of mine and was even used in the Enduro World Series in 2015. The trail is steep, fast and fun. You are very close to the trees the whole way down and you have to be really precise with your braking and line choice. It’s hard to be a summers evening with friends hitting this trail again and again and again. Hence its name, ‘Repeat Offender’ because once you ride it once you’ll just want to come back for more.


What is your highlight during your cycling career?

My cycling highlight would probably be winning the senior category in the TweedLove King of the Hill race (unofficial Scottish Enduro Champs). That day everything clicked for me, I rode really well and consistently and ended up taking the win by a big margin. It was only my first year racing and I beat a professional EWS racer at the time. That was a big highlight for me being a privateer.




What do you want to say about your Evolink 140 after riding it for a while? 

Where do I start? This bike is simply incredible, being 6ft 3in I have always struggled to get bikes which fit me and I often have to compromise which means I’m at an immediate disadvantage. But with the EVOLINK 140, I finally have a bike which is big enough for me. Most people say it just looks ‘right’ under me and I have to agree.

I love the suspension design too, It’s really predictable and eeks every ounce of grip from the ground. At first I needed to adjust my riding technique as I usually ride quite far off the back, but with the EVOLINK 140 I can centre my weight and charge through everything.

I absolutely love it and I look forward to working with Leo and giving feedback and helping develop future models.


photos: Cat Topham



Press release in Germany

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A German biking magazine Prime Mountain Biking Magazine published few articles about Pole in their lates issue.



They interviewed Leo on pages 96-100 and they tested the Evolink 150 HD on pages 116-117.



There is lot’s interesting opinions and points to find out, in German though.

If you are looking for eye candy and intellectual journalism, Prime Mountain Biking Magazine is the one to go with! It is beautifully lay-outed magazine with really professional articles. 

kansikuva blogi

How to turn a long bike through a tight corner

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The 911 track in Malaga is very versatile trail to gain your basic riding skills. It contains rough technical terrain, high speed sections and very tight switchbacks.

Usually people say that a long bike can’t turn in tight corners but in matter of fact long bikes are better in hard trails. Long and stable bike certainly have advantages with a long wheel-base you have more space to balance yourself between the axles. When you have better balance it is easier to turn the switchbacks. Everybody can learn to ride these tight turns esasier with long bike and later ride them fast.


Our direct online shop

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We opened another global online shop Pole Store. This is a direct channel to buy Pole bikes, retail parts and accessories. From this simple outlet shop we offer special bikes and the selection is refreshed every now and then. Pole’s complete bikes and framesets from every category are presented here and directly bought from us. For example through this channel you can get a good shaped demonstration bikes for a nice price. Follow us in facebook to be updated!


The store exists in:

Konttisentie 8 (Door E3)
Vaajakoski Finland
+358 50 436 7350

You are welcome during our opening hours:

  • Wednesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 18:00
  • Fridays 10:00-16:00



The winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2017: POLE EVOLINK 140EN

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Design-Innovation-Award-2017-Action-CB (2 von 2)

(See below in English)

lataa tästä mediapaketti.

Jyväskyläläinen Pole Bicycles Oy:n Evolink 140 EN -maastopyörä on saanut kansainvälisen Enduro Magazinen myöntämän Design & Innovation Award 2017-palkinnon.

The Design & Innovation Award -palkinto on pyörämaailman yksi arvostetuimmista palkinnoista. Palkinnon myöntävät yhteistyössä ENDURO Mountainbike, E-MOUNTAINBIKE magazine ja GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine eli johtavat alan julkaisijat. Mukana oli myös pyörämaailman ulkopuolisia arvioitsijoita: Nike, OMEGA ja Mercedes.

Kuinka me päädyimme ehdolle tähän kilpailuun? Tapasimme toimittajia ENDURO Mountainbike -lehdestä viime kesänä Eurobike 2016 -messuilla. He olivat epäileväisiä meidän pyöriemme geometrian suhteen, joten pyysemmä heitä testaamaan niitä. Koeajon jälkeen oli ääni muuttunut kellossa ja he kysyivät olisimmeko kiinnostuneita osallistumaan kyseiseen kilpailuun. Totta kai olimme.

16 kokonaista päivää kestänyt voittajien valintaprosessi oli kattava ja kaunistelematon. Testaustiimi koostui ammattiajajista, suunnitelijoista sekä insinööreistä. Pyöriä ajettiin useita tunteja, niistä keskusteltiin yömyöhään sekä ne syynättiin kauttaaltaan työpajalla. Kaikki testauksessa olleet tuotteet eivät päässeet takaisin tuottajilleen yhdessä osassa toisin kuin EVOLINK 140EN.

– Maastopyöräily on nopeasti kasvava markkina, jonka suuruutta Suomessa ei oikein ymmärretä. Aktiiviset pyöräilijät muodostavat miljoonien ihmisten kansainvälisen verkoston, joka on sosiaalisessa mediassa hyvin aktiivista. Polen innovaatioihin perustuva suunnittelufilosofia on muutamassa vuodessa saanut todella suurta mediahuomiota. Enduro Magazine on yksi maailman merkittävimmistä alan julkaisuista. Pole on nyt todella kansainvälisen menestyksen kynnyksellä, Polen suunnittelujohtaja Leo Kokkonen kertoo.

Leo Kokkonen 2016 big


Polen pyöräsuunnittelun ytimessä on uudelleen ajateltu polkupyörän geometria. Muita täysjoustopyöriä ratkaisevasti pitempi rakenne antaa vakautta kovassa vauhdissa. ”Point and shoot,” tähtää ja laukaise, Enduro magazine kuvailee palkintoperusteluissaan.

– Maastopyöräily on vaativa ja vauhdikas laji. Kaikki suunnittelumme osat, joiden tuloksena on suurempi nopeus, parempi tasapaino ja ajajan liikkumisen vapaus, ovat tulosta yhdestä tavoitteesta, joka on turvallisuus, Kokkonen kertoo.



Leo Kokkonen, suunnittelujohtaja 050-3700241,

Kaisa Härkönen, asiantuntija / myynti 040-7281810



Download media package here

Jyväskylä based Pole Bicycle Company’s bike EVOLINK 140 EN has won the Design & Innovation Award 2017. 

The Design & Innovation Award is the most important award in the bike industry. The award is given in cooperation with ENDURO Mountainbike, E-MOUNTAINBIKE magazine and GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine. As well new perspectives from non-endemic brands were included in the discussions such as Nike, OMEGA and Mercedes.

How did they end up evaluating us? We met the guys from the ENDURO Mountainbike magazine at the Eurobike 2016 and they had their doubts about our geometry. After they tested the bike they asked if we would be interested to run for this award. Yes, of course we were.

The process was rough for the award candidates. 16 full days in the field testing, discussing and spending hours in the workshop. The test team covers every aspect of the user experience with riders, designers and engineers. Not all of the products come back home in one piece. EVOLINK 140EN did and with a cracking review.

– Mountain biking is quickly growing market but in Finland it is hardly noticed. Millions of active cyclists forms a huge global network and it shows in the social media. Pole’s innovative design philosophy has got the change to enjoy a great amount of a positive attention in this concerned media. Enduro Magazine is one of the most remarkable publication on the world of cycling. Pole is now about to make the breakthrough on the international market, says Leo Kokkonen the head designer of Pole.

The main idea of designing Pole bicycles was to rethink the geometry, suspension and to create a slack head angle. Pole has the longest wheelbase than any other full suspension bike on the market. Which makes these bikes very steady even in high speeds. “Point ans shoot” as the Enduro Magazine proclaims.

– Mountain bicycling is a demanding and speedy form of sport. The design process has leaded us ending up with higher speed, better balance and the freedom of the rider. All of these details aims to the same result, to gain safety, tells Kokkonen.

More information from

Leo Kokkonen, the head designer 050-3700241,

Kaisa Härkönen, spesialist/sales 040-7281810

The Communication package:

Design-Innovation-Award-2017-Action-CB (2 von 2)

Pole is the winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2017

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We proudly announce: Pole EVOLINK 140 is the winner of the Design & Innovation Award 2017!

The Design & Innovation Award is the most important award in the bike industry. The award is given in cooperation with ENDURO Mountainbike, E-MOUNTAINBIKE magazine and GRAN FONDO Cycling Magazine. As well new perspectives from non-endemic brands were included in the discussions such as Nike, OMEGA and Mercedes.

How did they end up evaluating us? We met the guys from the ENDURO Mountainbike magazine at the Eurobike 2016 and they had their doubts about our geometry. After they tested the bike they asked if we would be interested to run for this award. Yes, of course we were.

“Only those who have the big picture in mind can do great things, evaluating products in their context and making well-informed recommendations.”

The process was rough for the award candidates. 16 full days in the field testing, discussing and spending hours in the workshop. The test team covers every aspect of the user experience with riders, designers and engineers. Not all of the products come back home in one piece. EVOLINK 140EN did.

“The Design & Innovation Award 2016 is a unique event with the clear mission to bring the international bicycle industry to the next level. We want to make the bicycle world better for all bikers, the industry and media landscape. We join forces with the most experienced journalists and opinion leaders in order to award the world’s best products for the next season and to make pioneering decisions.”



The review: “‘Point and shoot’ is one way to describe the super long Pole EVOLINK 140 EN, which rolls satisfyingly quickly in a straight line. Championing the latest thinking in geometry design, the EVOLINK 140 EN sports a mega long frame, relatively long chainstays, a very steep seat angle and a slack head angle. These add up to one of the most balanced handling packages around, while giving the rider tons of room to throw themselves around on the bike. The rear end design breaks new ground by using a concisely calibrated spring rate to deliver the optimal performance. The Pole simplifies the act of riding over burly ground: firstly by dishing out stability and confidence to less advanced riders; and secondly by giving ambitious riders a tool to unlock faster speeds. Essentially an outstanding bike that throws up questions about geometry standards – the Pole is a bike that everyone should ride!”



taiga tiedote

Pole Taiga 2017!

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Pole Taiga is again available! 

Pole Taiga is a fatbike with the largest winter specific tires on the market. We created a bike which is truly a beast in the winter conditions.  Taiga is for those who want to ride the whole season with no limits. Taiga is equipped with our signature wheelbase which is long. The long wheelbase and slack head angle guarantees a stable platform for all activities you want to perform.  The extraordinary geometry helps you to save energy while climbing and it allows you to descent very steep walls. Taiga Snow can be equipped with rear rack and front rack (rigid fork only) for longer travels in the wilderness.

Colour options are taiga yellow and velvet black. We have both colours in every size S,M,L. If you have any questions please contact us in or if you are privileged enough visit us in Konttisentie 8, Vaajakoski. We welcome you on Wednesdays & Thursdays 10:00 – 18:00 & Fridays 10:00-16:00. Feel free to call if you have any questions +358 50 436 7350.

Get to know Taigas specific details in here Both framesets and complete bikes are possible to order now(but please notice that the framesets are delivered quicker than the complete bikes)!

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